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I want to writ blogs

I want to writ blogs

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Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Summer Wedding Dresses

Von yyzx1, 04:25

If you want to get married in summer, you must prepare a summer wedding dress. As we all know, summer is very hot. So when you select summer wedding dresses, you must pay more Long Prom Dresses attention on material which can make you feel cool.
Heavy materials are the standard for winter wedding dresses, but they are not the best idea in the summer. These materials do not breathe like you want them to, leaving you feeling like you are soaking wet under your summer wedding dresses. When you select summer wedding dresses, you should Party Dresses  choose lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen to stay cool.

Except material, there is another way to make you cool. Backless wedding dresses can not only make you feel cool, but also make you look more sexy and charming. Besides, more and more brides choose short wedding dresses as their summer wedding dresses. Dressing in short wedding dresses can easily move.

Do you want to select a summer wedding dress for yourself? You can come to our online store and have a look on our summer wedding dresses. Our summer wedding dresses have various sizes. Whatever figure you have, you will find your suitable summer wedding dresses here.

Dyeable Shoes for a Summer Wedding

Von yyzx1, 04:24

Dyeable shoes are extremely useful for a wedding held at any time of the year. However, they can be especially useful for a summer wedding, when couples try to incorporate bright and Evening Dresses energetic summer colors into their wedding. While a number of wedding ensembles are available in a wide range of colors, it may sometimes be difficult to locate shoes that will match a theme of summer colors.  Dyeable fabrics allow you to customize any style of shoe that you choose to fit the exact color scheme that you plan to use during your wedding.

One advantage of using dyeable shoes for a summer wedding is that you will be able to shop for a shoe style that you like, without having to worry about the available colors.  As long as you shop for shoes in dyeable fabrics, you will be able to turn Informal Wedding Dresses them into any color. In recent years, dyeable shoes have made strides toward more modern styles. Now, you can find unique and gorgeous dyeable shoes complete with accents such as rhinestones, sequins, and other decorations. These decorations will not be effected at all by the strong dye. However, if the dye does get on these parts of the shoe, it will be extremely easy to remove.  You will be able to have a wide variety of shoe designs available, even if you plan on incorporating the bright and bold colors of the summer months.

Dyeable wedding shoes generally feature a Long Bridesmaid Dresses satin-like white finish before they are dyed. Therefore, even if you are looking for a basic white shoe, dyeable shoes can be a great choice as is.  Many summer brides worry that they will not be able to find the perfect shoe to accompany their shorter wedding gown. The texture of the white dyeable material will make for beautiful shoes in the style of your choosing that match any summer ensemble.

You can also use dyeable shoes to complete the perfect bridesmaid outfits as well.  By limiting the amount of time that the shoes are in contact with the dye, you can lighten the end result of the dyeing process. If you find that the color is not quite as dark or rich enough as you hoped, then you can always reapply the dye for just a few moments longer, in order to add a little bit more intensity to the hue that you have produced. Depending on the style of bridesmaid dresses that you have chosen, you can find any dyeable shoe style to match it perfectly. Styles such as flat sandals with a pearl cluster ornament, high heel crisscross peep toes, or closed toe low heel pumps with a rhinestone ornament can all be perfect accompaniments to that summer gown.

Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

Lions and Tigers and BRANDING -- Oh My!

Von yyzx1, 08:55

How excited am I?  As posted yesterday, I get to go to Vegas and report on and tweet abot the Licensing Expo!  And I am slated to conduct some pretty cool interviews with top branding executives from Sony, Marvel, CAA and the Carton Network.  Cool huh?

So for those of you who are not familiar with, in short, it is a way to turn a company into a brand.  What's the difference?

A company generally makes one category of products while a brand crosses multiple platforms. 

For example an apparel company can make just women's clothes and then begin to build a brand by adding in additional products like shoes, jewelery, handbags, etc.  Or you can take a music artist and then create a video game, a tv show, a clothing line, headphones etc. 

This is generally called vertical licensing - expanding your core product into completely different, but complimentary, product categories.

You can also build your brand by licensing horizontally.  An example would be a t-shirt company licensing into denim, dresses. outwear, etc.

The fashion and entertainment industries use all kinds of licensing models to build brands.  You may have heard the terms sponsorships, endorsements, joint ventures, direct to retail, development deal or other hybrid words tossed about -- we'll discuss these throughout the week.

For now, to understand the basics of trademark licensing, which is the most common in the fashion industry, click here.

Kirsten Dunst Faces the End of the World in 'Melancholia' Trailer

Von yyzx1, 08:54
Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier goes mainstream -- well, as much as the determinedly indie director ever would -- in the trailer for his new all-star film. "A beautiful film about the end of the world," is the tag line for 'Melancholia,' which stars Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, John Hurt and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

The setting is the marriage Justine (Dunst) to Michael ('True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard), but while small domestic dramas are playing themselves out, a mysterious planet is also making its ominous way towards earth.

'Armageddon,' this is not. The mood seems, well, melancholic, with swings toward soap-opera-ish high drama. Last year, von Trier described the film only as being "about two sisters and a planet."

Raven Symone Dolls Up in Pink

Von yyzx1, 08:53
WORE: A vintage dress from Palazzo Shoppes and Simon G. jewelry

WHERE: Simon G. Jewelry Annual 'Summer Soiree' at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday, June 4

Raven's one-shouldered dress is fluffy at the top and straight A-line on the bottom. She continues this playful and doll-like look with a dainty ribbon headband and dainty necklaces. Instead of artificial doll-like makeup though, she aims for a soft and romantic look with rosy pink lips.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Von yyzx1, 08:52

Every lady wants to be a fashionable and modern bride at her wedding ceremony. When it comes to wedding dresses, they prefer to choose the celebrity wedding dresses. Why are celebrity wedding dresses so popular among brides? As we all know, celebrities have great appealing power and influence. When you see that they wear those faddish wedding dresses, you may have an impulse to buy the same wedding dress.
The celebrity wedding dresses are always the major concerns. Their styles are latest trend among fashion world. People are fond of talking about the design and the popular elements. Designers are keen on providing their new works to the celebrities for free publicity to win more reservations. Celebrities are happy to receive such costly gift to show their beauty. It is really win-win dealing.

Our online shop has lots of celebrity wedding dresses with high quality and various colors for sale. Wearing our celebrity wedding dresses can make you look more elegant and charming like those celebrities. Maybe you think celebrity wedding dresses are luxury for you. If so, you are wrong. Because all our celebrity wedding dresses are sold at affordable price. If you still can’t pay it, we can also offer you the discount celebrity wedding dresses. All in all, purchasing a celebrity wedding dress is not a dream on our online shop.

Bridal Wedding Dress

Von yyzx1, 08:51

You want the perfect wedding dress, so you have made it a major focus of your pre-wedding planning. There are some things you need to find from the bridal shop, before you even look at your first gown.Bridal wedding Gown is probably the most important dress you will ever wear and you will find that everyone has an idea about what makes the perfect wedding dress. Don’t be bullied by other peoples’ opinions: this is the one day when you can be as demure or as outrageous as you wish. Everyone will be on your side on the day anyway; just as everyone loves a new born, they will coo and simper at whatever you choose! So, put your hang-ups away and stop listening to other people’s ideas of what constitutes a beautiful bridal dress, ignore



disparaging comments about Meringues, Bo-Peep and Ice Queens, and consider what you like and see if it will suit you. You will know when you find it – it will just feel fabulous.The most common dilemma facing brides when looking for their wedding dress, is deciding what style of dress they want and where to get it from?. Unless they have done their homework, it can take considerable time to figure this out.Choose a dress that is ‘right’ for you and it will both flatter and enhance your good points and cleverly disguise those parts you would prefer were not noticed. Ignore what the mirror tells you about your shape and the opposite will be the case.Always look for a dress that compliments your best features and is comfortable. Every bride is going to be

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concerned about some part of her body, but there really is a perfect dress for every figure.Consider the bridesmaid dresses when choosing your wedding dress because it’s important that your wedding dress will make you stand out from the rest. Over the centuries, brides continued to dress in a manner befitting their social status—always in the height of fashion, with the richest, boldest materials money could buy. The poorest of brides wore their best church dress on their wedding day. The amount of material a wedding dress contained also was a reflection of the bride’s social standing and indicated the extent of the family’s wealth to wedding guests. Today, there are wedding dresses available in all price ranges, and Western traditions have loosened up to include a rainbow of colors and variety of lengths, which are now considered acceptable